Thursday, April 23

World Book Day 2020

World Book Day is the biggest celebration of its kind. The aim of it is to celebrate authors, books, illustrators and - of course - reading! Some children might not like reading or struggle with it, so it can be an encouraging event for them.
Let's sing a song!

After singing the song, complete the sentences about your favourite book and draw your favourite part of the story.

Sunday, April 12


It is a website full of resources to work on reading comprehension, writing, listening and speaking. You can work on digital screens, computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones ... or any other technological tool. It contains a lot of materials: games online, flashcards, vocabulary, listening, videos, dialogues, grammar, definitions, references...

Happy Easter Sunday!

Let´s watch a video about Easter Traditions and Symbols in Great Britain.

Now, let's do the following activities:

Thursday, March 26

All about me!-Vocabulary

Let’s review the vocabulary! Can you read and complete the boxes? Draw or write

You can use the following vocabulary and structures to help you:
-STRUCTURES: My favourite (subject) is…….I like/ I don´t like…..
Subjects: Maths, Music, Art, English, Science, Spanish, Physical Education...
Hobbies: collect cards, collect coins, play the piano, play the recorder, read comics, read books, play table tennis, play handball, make models, make cakes, learn English…
Food: tomato soup, potatoes, peas, rice, chicken, carrots, fruit salad, fish and chips, green salad, beans, lemon, cherry, spinach, chocolate, walnuts, pumpkin, fried egg, coconut, bread...
Books: photo story, mystery, biography, science fiction, modern fairy tale, comic strip...
Movie: comedy, historical, fantasy, musical, documentary, science fiction, romance, action...
Music: pop, rock, rap, classical, disco, hip-hop, nursery rhymes...

Monday, March 23

Today is MONDAY-Daily Routines

Let’s review the «Daily Routines»
1. How are you today? 
2.What day is today? Today is__________ 
What day was yesterday? Yesterday was___________
What day will be tomorrow? Tomorrow will be___________
3.What month are we in? We are in __________
4.What season are we in? 
We are in ___________ «Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter»
5.What is the weather like today? 
Today is_________________
6.What are you wearing today? 
I am wearing_______ «shoes/trousers/t-shirt…»
7.What time is it? It´s ________________

The following images can help you:

Tuesday, March 17

Online Learning Zone-Primary

English Language games, activities and resources for learners including:
Activity Book audio Songs Videos Advice for parents

Click on the link:

Let´s Role-play-Dialogues

Let's practice Phonetics. Click on the link, listen carefully and try to remember what they say.  
Click on the links: 

Monday, March 16

Health and Hygiene

Let´s sing!, 1st Grade

Songs are great for young learners. Sing along with the whole family to songs that are sung all over the world. Through the following link, 1st grade students will be able to watch different educational videos to reinforce content.  
Click on the link:

Super Simple Songs, pre-K

Here's a collection of our favourite nursery rhymes, original kids songs, and children's shows from Super Simple!

Click on the link: 

Stay at home and let the MUSIC help you! We will SURVIVE!


Friday, February 28

Fairytale Carnival, 4th Grade

Starting from the celebration of the CARNIVAL in our school, and taking advantage of the topic of "A Fairytale Carnival", from the English area it has been tried to get a greater knowledge of classic children's literature, as well as to promote and stimulate the pleasure for reading and writing. Through the stories of "Robin Hood and Oliver Twist", our students have done wonderful socially relevant projects after carrying out several tasks at school and in the family context.

Thursday, January 30

School Day of Non-Violence and Peace, 1st Grade

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

Monday, September 2

Welcome to our Blog!

"La Talega de Poppins" is an excellent educational resource that can be used by teachers, future opponents, students and families. Through this blog, teaching experiences, tools, resources, ideas, projects and activities in English are shared to work in the classroom and at home. You will find videos and podcasts, stories based on audiovisual elements, songs, index cards, dynamics and teaching methods and educational applications. We hope this blog is very useful for you.